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Cerebrase syrup

Cerebrase syrup



Cerebrase syrup: is an effective health product  containing extract of plant fruits and herbs containing various enzymes.

Cerebrase syrup by virtue of these enzymes helps for patients with

Poor memory,in children and elderly

Help maintaining children health

Healthy brain development of baby during pregnancy

Rehabilitation of convalescent  patient

Cerebrase syrup and tablet are trade mark and copyright registered in the name of care marketing with following nos,

‘trade mark no 183535 Copyright no 26422 In the name of care marketing’

Cerebrase helps in these problems effectively and safely

Side effects/precaution  Cerebrase syrup is a very well tolerated product.Diabetic patients can use it in the recomended dosage

Dosage ::recomended six months and above.details can be seen on package :one sachet contain 10 ml. one sachet  per day or as recomended by physician, can be mixed with cold water or fresh juice.


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