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Atrisin-D is a herbal health product for  joint and muscles problems and for making bones strong and healthy. it is manufactured through unique innovative and patented process and is free from any chemical or steroid compounds.

Atrisin-D provide:

  • Effective relief from pain.
  • Makes healthy flexible joints and muscles
  • Anti-aging making bones strong.

Indications:  For  stiff and rigid joints and muscles osteoarthritis, rheumatiod arthritis and osteoporosis strong bones.

Dosage:  One capsule daily.30 capsule in one box

Composition:  Glucosamine 250 mg, MSM 150 mg, Chondroitin 30 mg collagen 30 mg spirulina extract 15 mg calcium 25 mg  vitamin D3 200 iu.

Precautions/Side effects:  Atrisin-D is well tolerated product and it can safely be used for long term treatment.


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